08 - 09 June 2019

Acqui Terme


Do you say PhOEMina?

PhOEMina is the only festival of its kind.

This project is about the place of women in the experimental, concrete music.

The festival aims at increasing the visibility of female composers in the experimental music field, presenting the variety of their productions and creating a new network for these artists.

Edition Acqui Terme - June 2018

First edition of the festival, at Acqui Terme, Sala Santa Maria, with 8 artist, six musicians and two visual performers.

Alessandra Zerbinati, Alina Kalancea, Bianca Peruzzi, Calembour, Nina Hoppas, Tullia Benedicta, Volha Iotchanka, ZYKLUS

Edition Napoli - April 2019

Second edition, in Napoli,6 musicians will perform at l'Ex Asilo Filangieri.

Mariaceleste De Rosa, AndreaSilvia Giordano e Mirjana Iruben Nardelli, CECILIA,[N(ADSR)÷RX], Marialuisa Capurso e Iula Marzulli, Sara Valente, Akamoi, Nina Hoppas.

Edition Acqui Terme - June 2019

Third edition, 8 musicians will perform at Sala Santa Maria, Acqui Terme.

Alos, Alina Kalancea, Alice Kundalini, Christine Webster, Golem Mecanique,
Nina Hoppas.


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  • Phone +33 659 96 24 49
  • Address Via Domenico Barone, 3,
    15011 Acqui Terme AL, Italia